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Parking Information

On-Street Parking Information

The Toronto Parking Authority operates approximately 17,500 metered parking spaces on City of Toronto Streets. The spaces are in the core commercial areas and in the city's retail strips. Paid on-street parking is metered by one of two devices: Pay-And-Display Machines or Single Space Meters

Pay-And-Display & Single Meter Machines

Pay and display machines control multiple spaces on a block. The spaces are not marked, but the pay and display zone is indicated by a sign and line at either end. Upon depositing either coins or inserting a credit card, a ticket is issued by the machine. The ticket is then placed face up on the car dashboard with the expiry time clearly visible. The ticket has a detachable second part which serves as a receipt or reimbursement proof of purchase where applicable.
Each single space meter controls a single, marked space. These devices accept payment by coin .05¢/.10¢/.25¢/$1.00/$2.00 denominations.

Meter Rates

Upon the amalgamation of the seven former municipalities into the new City of Toronto in 1998, the new City established three hourly rate zones for on-street meters in Toronto's commercial areas. A fourth Zone was added in May of 2004.

Maximum Time

In most cases the pay and display machines and parking meters allow parking for a maximum period of three hours. The rules which apply to each metered space are indicated on the rate card displayed on each pay and display machine or parking meter.

Vehicles parked at metered spaces which are not in compliance with the rules are subject to enforcement by the Toronto Police Services Parking Enforcement Unit.

Caution: At many metered locations peak period (rush hour) parking restrictions apply. Please check signage and the rate card carefully when parking to ensure your vehicle is not subject to towing.