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Parking Information

Types of Parking Infractions

There are two types of notices issued in the instance of a parking infraction notices that may be issued. Courtesy Envelope / Parking Invoices, issued by Green P staff at all Off-Street Parking Facilities. Parking Tickets are issued by the Toronto Police Service on all On-Street Parking Meter locations.

TPA - Off-Street Parking Facilities

There are two types of infraction notices issued: Courtesy Charge Envelope and Parking Invoice. Courtesy envelopes are payable by depositing the required fee in to the envelope along with the courtesy notice and depositing the envelope into the lockbox on the lot or by delivery to the TPA head office at 33 Queen Street East.

Parking Invoices are issued under the authority of the Provincial Offences Act. Payment options are itemized on the rear or see Payment Information

City - On-Street Parking Meter Locations

Enforcement at on-street metered locations is under the jurisdiction of the Parking Enforcement Unit of the Toronto Police Services. Courtesy Envelopes are not utilized on-street and all infractions of the regulations are subject to the issuance of a Parking Ticket.

Please Note: If you need to pay a Parking Ticket, you will be redirected to the City of Toronto website.

Ticket inquiries

Inquiries regarding Courtesy Envelopes or Parking Invoices issued in off-street lots should be directed to the Toronto Parking Authority at (416) 393-7275

Inquiries regarding Parking Tickets received at on-street meters should be directed to the Toronto Enforcement Unit at (416) 397-8247