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Parking Information

Frequently Asked Questions

A categorized list of frequently asked questions and answers related to the Toronto Parking Authority&Green P.

What is the TPA?

The Toronto Parking Authority is a local Board of the City of Toronto which owns and operates the system of Municipal off-street parking lots (‘Green P’) and the on-street metered parking.

Where does the TPA Operate?

The TPA operates in the City of Toronto, which is the amalgamation of the seven former municipalities, which constitute Metropolitan Toronto. The locations can be found here.

How many metered parking spaces does the TPA operate?

The TPA operates approximately 20,000 on-street spaces. Approximately 12,500 of the spaces are operated by 2000 parking machines with the remaining 7,500 being operated by way of single space meters.

Who is on the TPA board?

The TPA board is appointed by City Council. It consists of 5 citizens and 2 Councillors.

How much does it cost to park at a meter?

Metered spaces are either $1.50, $2.00, $2.25, $3.00 or $4.00 per hour depending on the area of the City in which they are located. Rates are posted on the machine or meter.

What are your Holiday Parking Rates?

Unless otherwise stated, regular rates apply in our facilities on Holidays. Similarly, regular rates apply on the street during Holidays.

Who determines the parking rates?

The Board of Directors of the TPA sets the rates at the off-street parking lots. The TPA recommends appropriate rates for on-street metered parking spaces. Approval is subject to approval of the Local Councillors up to $3.50 per hour, and Council as a whole above this rate. There are currently no metered spaces in the City of Toronto with rates above $4.00 per hour.

Where can I park once I have purchased an on-street parking receipt ?

Parking purchased from a pay and display machine is valid within the spaces controlled by that machine as indicated by the signs located on the streets.

What does "Ticket Not Transferrable" on my parking receipt mean ?

Parking purchased at a specific machine is valid only for the spaces controlled by that machine (except as noted below) and for the customer purchasing the ticket and is not valid at other locations or for other customers.

What if the pay and display machine nearest to my parking space is out of order ?

In this case, purchase a ticket from the closest working machine on the same street and display ticket. That ticket is valid under these circumstances.