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About Green P

The Greening of Green P

As we move forward, our commitment to our customers and communities will be supported by a growing framework of eco-conscious and community-minded partnerships and initiatives.

Our Environment

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a commitment that the Authority, the City of Toronto, and its citizens all share. We encourage the use of bicycles and support Toronto’s cycling programs by funding the installation of bicycle rings on city streets, and also by providing designated bicycle parking areas in many of our off-street facilities. As approved by Council, the Authority also provided free on-street parking to motorcycles and scooters in recognition of these environmentally-friendlier means of transportation.

Tree Advocacy Planting Program

The Tree Advocacy Planting Program was established by the Toronto Council in 1999 to sustain our urban forests. Since that time, the financial support of the Toronto Parking Authority (including a $50,000 contribution) and many other organizations has enabled the planting of thousands of small trees to replace those being lost due to a variety of factors, both natural and man-made. By revitalizing Toronto’s urban forests, we foster sustainability and improve not only the aesthetics of our communities, but also the quality of life for all residents.

Renewable Energy

After being one of Toronto’s first users of photovoltaic (PV) technology with the installation of solar-powered pay-and-display units in 1999, the Toronto Parking Authority is expanding its usage of renewable energy sources. We continued our planning for a 20-kilowatt Solar Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System at our St. Lawrence Garage facility, an initiative that grew from our participation in the City’s “Renewable Energy Action Plan Working Group.”

The Ontario FIT Program

On January 19, 2010 the Toronto Parking Authority energized a Photovoltaic Power System at Carpark 43. This is a pilot program with Hydro at our St Lawrence Garage (CP 43) which is generating power from solar panels placed on the south-side of the garage (facing the rail corridor). The Tariff Hydro Feed In (Ontario FIT) Program allows us to sell power back to the grid. The pilot program provides a complete picture of the the amount of energy generated to date, monthly generation, Greenhouse gases avoided (CO2) and more.