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Parking Information

Carpark Information

Find details about all of the TPA’s individual parking facilities.

carpark name

Carpark 52

Address: 40 York Street

Facility Type: Garage

Capacity: 323 Spaces

Height Restriction (Approximate): 1.95 meters / 6' 5"

Bike Racks: Available

Payment Options: Pay at Exit Lane Stations, Credit Card at Entry & Exit, Cashier

Accepted Forms of Payment: Bills, Coins, Charge (Visa / Mastercard / American Express Only)

Rate Information

$3.00 / Half Hour

Monday - Friday

Day Maximum (7am - 7pm):  $18.00

Night Maximum (5pm - 7am):  $6.00


Saturday - Sunday

Maximum per 12 hour period (Sat 7am - Mon 7am):  $7.00


Permits are not available/offered for this location. 


Inquires at or


Unless otherwise posted in a parking facility, regular rates apply on Holidays

Carpark Map Schematic

Download Schematic (179.78 kB PDF)

Location Information